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My name is Jana Slivova. I was born in 1991 in the Czech Republic into a sports family with the wind in blood. My grandfather flew on a glider and my father does windsurfing and paragliding.


I have been sporting since an early age. I have tried every possible sport, but water always drew me. I have started swimming competitively in my 7 and I have first tried windsurfing in 12. I was love at first sight. Since that it has become my passion and desire to win.... be the best!


I am among the best windsurfers in the Raceboard class. I stand five times on winner´s podium at the World Championships and two times at the European Championships. I am a multiple-female Master of the Czech Republic, a yachtswoman of the year, fresh European Champion and 2nd World Champion for 2019 in Raceboard Class.

I have started to race on RS:X in 2018, in order to compete with the best, to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and to bring a medal.

 Reprezentant of Czech Republic
🥇Europaen Raceboard Champion 2019

🥈World Raceboard Champion 2019



1st European Championship Raceboard - Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic

2nd World Championship Raceboard - Warnemunde, Germany

1st National Cup 2019 Warnemünde, Germany


2nd European Championship Raceboard - Riga, Latvia

3rd World Championship Raceboard - Blanes Spain

1st Central European CUP - CZ, SVK, HUN, POL

2nd Baltic Challenge CUP - Riga- Latvia

1st Czech Republic National Championship - Nechranice, Czech Republic


5th European Championship Raceboard - Balaton, Hungary


5th World Championship Raceboard - Blanes, Spain


2nd World Championship Raceboard - Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic

1st Czech Republic National Championship - Nove Mlyny, Pavlov, Czech Republic

1st Poland National Championship - Sopot, Poland

Czech Yachtwoman of the year


3rd World Championship Raceboard - Liepaja, Latvia

1st Czech Republic National Championship


2nd World Championship Raceboard - Warnemunde, Germany

1st Czech Republic National Championship


1st Czech Republic National Championship


1st Czech Republic National Championship

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